Book Banter — The Fatal Flame

It’s actually rare that Stacie and I manage to read the same book at roughly the same time, but that happened for us with Lyndsay Faye’s latest, so we’re sharing our thoughts together today.

books_flame2_18273130_ver1.0_640_480Title: The Fatal Flame (Timothy Wilde #3)

Author: Lyndsay Faye

Genre: historical mystery

Length: 463 pages

Where our copies came from: Indianapolis Public Library and the Oshkosh Public Library

Plot Basics: New York City copper star Timothy Wilde is assigned to a case of seamstress seemingly turned arsonist who’s threatening an alderman. When Timothy’s brother, Valentine, decides to run against that alderman, the case and the threats become personal. And, the love of Timothy’s life, Mercy Underhill, surprisingly returns to the city as well. As Tim has to face his personal fear of fire, the political fires around him might engulf everyone he loves.

Banter Points: We love the Timothy Wilde books because they do what few novels manage to pull off — a dynamic cast of intriguing characters, a vivid setting and a page-turning plot. At some points, we’re reading to find out who did it and at other moments, we’re reading to find out if Timothy and his friends and family are OK and if they can navigate the increasingly tangled web of relationships they have.

The twists and turns left me gasping and flipping pages — fast.  Reading the books is like falling into another timeline, another life.  They are alive between the pages in a way that few books are.  Finding a series that pulls us into the story, and care so much about all of the people and the world they inhabit is rare; for Stacie, this is one of three series that does that. (Ditto for me!)

Bummer Points: It seems, based on the end of the book, that this could be end of the series. If so, that is a terrible bummer.

Word Nerds Recommendation: Stacie and I are both pushing these books on other readers. For me, Bethany, Fatal Flame will be a top 10 book of 2015.


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