Dear Daredevil

Dear Daredevil,

I would say it’s not you, it’s me, but really it’s you.daredevil

You and your excessive violence.

You have moments I really liked, such as in ep. 4 when Matt Murdock tricks all the Russians in the dark warehouse and takes them down one by one. Sneaky. Smart. Very little on screen violence.

And then, in that same episode. Well, you know. Wilson Fisk and the car door.

As a writer, I realized what you were doing in that episode. Through the first part, you were making me care about Wilson Fisk. Giving him a personality. Making him seem human. Likeable, even. I knew I knew that you couldn’t finish the episode without reminding us what an awful, awful person he was. But that? Too much, Daredevil. Too much.

Honestly, I’m not quite sure what happened in that scene because I closed my eyes.

I realize that such a statement would make it seem like it is my problem, that my tolerance for violence is too low. I’m too squeamish.

I disagree. I should never want to be OK with that.

Friends are telling me that the Fisk-car-door scene is the worst of it. That maybe I should keep watching.

I’m still quitting. Is my one Netflix data record going to show that Hollywood machine that all the fake-awesome violence on TV is too much? Individually, no, probably not.

The question about how much violence is too much violence has been around for ever. I remember it 25 years ago when I was a kid and whining about what I could and could not watch.

I’m not blaming TV or video game violence for things like the Aurora CO movie theatre shooting, or other such incidents. Things like that have too many factors to place blame in any one specific place.

But. Overall, society is more combative. More us vs. them. We can’t agree to disagree, and therein, have no civil discourse about anything.

And that, I think, finds its roots in things like this. It’s not the violence itself, but the underlying message that confrontation is good, that revenge is acceptable and retaliation is a right. One doesn’t have to look farther than the riots in Ferguson or Baltimore to see that playing out. One doesn’t have to look nationally even. In summer 2014, Indianapolis was plagued with gun violence and it’s happening again this summer. A lot of it was drug or gang-related. You do this, we respond this way, because we deserve to retaliate.

So, dear Daredevil, I’m turning you off.




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