Available: Introvert Introjis

In February, we shared that introverts were getting their own set of emojis as designed by Rebecca Lynch – pending her Indiegogo project success.  It’s exciting to see that she raised the funds and this set of emojis, er, introjis, is available in an app store near you (after approval.)

I love the final list and am having a challenging time deciding my favorite.  Even more important is the idea that this new language of emojis is adapting to the needs of its users.

Emojis are meant to bridge the gaps that happen when there is no body language.  (Or am I the only one that uses them that way?)  It’s easy to add a smiley face or “lol” at the end of a text where the intent isn’t clear.  Introjis are meant to add-in the things that introverts mean, but don’t say, because there is a ton of stuff going on in our heads:


Pictures can do that faster and better.  I often feel like those gears are going — even spinning hundreds of miles of hours at a time.  It would take me ages to create a message that conveyed the same feeling.

So, as great as these introjis are, I am left with a question:

Who is working on a universal font for sarcasm?


2 thoughts on “Available: Introvert Introjis

  1. Bethany K. Warner says:

    There already is a sarcasm font. It’s called Comic Sans.

  2. That’s more like the weird cousin that everyone picks on and no one likes.

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