Book Banter: Never Go Back

Never-Go-Back-coverTitle: Never Go Back

Author: Lee Child

Length: 400 pages

Genre: mystery/suspense

Where Bethany’s copy came from: IndyPL

Plot Basics: Reacher has been delayed in his goal to get back to Washington DC and meet the new CO of the 110th MPs after talking to her on the phone. When he finally arrives, she’s been arrested, he’s forced back into the 110th and charges are being leveled against him for conduct more than 15 years ago. The Army wants Reacher to run, but he’s not keen on letting others call the shots.

Banter Points: This one is everything that makes Reacher great. He’s sharp and on point the whole time, reaching into a set of circumstances and figuring out what is actually going on through how behaviors aren’t adding up based on the roles people are in.

Bummer Points: I actually struggled with the timeline in this one. At one point, a character comments to Reacher about a regulation affecting ex-military personnel between certain ages. While Child has kept Reacher more constant, he has evolved the technology around him. All the bad guys use smart phones now. Drones and Al-Qaeda are bad guys now. The first Reacher book was in 1997, so even though I know he’s supposed to be a constant character, he should be 18 years older than when he started and I don’t get that vibe and it’s starting to bug me.

Word Nerd Recommendation: I have one more book to go and then I will be caught up with Reacher. There have been highs and lows reading the whole backlist, but I’m glad I did. Definitely worth reading if you like this genre.


One thought on “Book Banter: Never Go Back

  1. scribejay says:

    My dad’s a huge Reacher fan – I’m sharing your thumbs-up review with him. 🙂

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