June Reading Challenge help

June is a month away, I know.

But I’ve gotten myself stumped with the June Reading Challenge Book and I need time to think about it.

Our challenge is to “Read a book that’s been made into a TV show or a movie.”

There are easy picks to rule out: Harry Potter, Twilight and Game of Thrones leaping to mind right away. And yes, there are movie version of such classics like “Great Expectations” that I could slog through if I had to.

What I’m hoping for, personally, is more like David Benioff’s “25th Hour,” a great read that was made into really a pretty good movie.

I know what I don’t want, or what I think I don’t want. No Divergent, no other YA dystopian things. While I know they’ve turned Bosch into a TV show on amazon now, I’ve already read all of those, so that’s a no too.

What ideas do you have?


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