Bibliometer Q1 2015

The fact that it’s taken me nearly through all of April to get to my Q1 reading stats logged and crunched is a pretty good indication of how busy life is right now.

My Q1 stats for 2015

bar chart21 books

5972 total pages

28.5 audio book hours.

Audio book hours is a new stat I’m tracking this year. Stacie counts the pages of audio books, but I don’t want to go that route with my numbers.

Year-over-year, I’m behind by 8 books from 2014. Last winter, I finished off the Ex Machina graphic novels and devoured the Divergent trilogy in a few days. I also didn’t read any Russian masters like this year (seriously, any Russian novel should could as two.)

I backed off my 100 book goal for the year as well. I set my Goodreads goal for 75 for this year. Right now, I’m only 2 books ahead of that number and I don’t see the pace picking up for the rest of the year. I did 100 books a year two years in a row and if that doesn’t happen this year, I’m fine with that.


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