Plotting, Like an INTJ

It’s been one of those weeks where I’ve spent a significant amount of time Plotting.  Yes, the kind that comes with a capital P.  At home.  At work.  In my brain, both consciously and subconsciously.

I really love weeks like this because so many projects and events fall together, much like a conductor navigating an orchestra through a complex piece of music and nailing every introduction and close.

Here’s what’s come to fruition so far:

successAt Work:  I’m almost one year into my role and have gathered enough data, evidence, customer feedback to tackle the strategy for the next three years.  Of course, the first year of that will be developing the required documentation and internal support to execute said strategy, but as I think about where I should be leading my team, I can see the direction we want to go, the challenges, the hurdles, the dead ends, the successes that await us.

At Home:  I’ve done some serious purging lately, like the kind that equates to half of your stuff leaving the house.  It feels really good to have so much clutter gone, to have the house clean, to minimize.  Now, I can selectively add back in what I want.  I have been thinking through two very different projects, both of which add more foliage to the house.  I’m pretty excited about both of them, and am making project plans for each.  Over Memorial Day weekend, I’ll do one of them.

In my Brain:  I was spending some coloring one night this week, and I felt the urge to put pen to paper.  From that exercise, I came up with a pretty decent first draft of a poem, much like I did during my college years when poetry was my primary writing outlet.  It’s a draft, for sure, and I need to smooth out some edges, but there is some really good stuff in there.  I’m pretty excited that it happened and am grateful that my creative streak is returning.  To me, it means that good things are going on.

What successes did you have this week?

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