Grown-up Coloring Books

A few weeks ago, Crimespree Jon posted something on Facebook about spending some time with coloring books.  It was a pretty non-specific comment that I really didn’t think much about at the time, other than the fleeting thought of “I like to color.”

I should have known better.  It started an avalanche of the universe speaking to me.  Suddenly, coloring books, specifically grown-up coloring books, were every where.  After much thinking, internal debate, and deliberation, I purchased one for myself as part of my Easter bunny basket (also a first, but that’s another story.)

I spent time this weekend coloring one picture and was thrilled with the whole process.









Overall, I thought that it turned out really well:



As I colored, I was picturing my next project and how I could pick-out a set of specific colors to use to really enhance the patterns of the mandalas.  It really satisfied my inner child, to create something so complicated, yet so beautiful by coloring.  The picture is from Angie Grace’s Extreme Stress Menders (Volume 1):  Balance.  This one gets a two thumbs up from this Word Nerd.

Have you tried adult coloring books?  What did you think?




One thought on “Grown-up Coloring Books

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