Reading Stats: Quarter 1 Edition

Quarter one has been a booming

I don’t have an official goal, merely more people, less books.  My brain sort of settled on a book a week, which by my calculations means, I should have read about 13 books so for this year.

Instead, I’m at 21, a full 8 books (aka 2 months) ahead of schedule.

Honestly, I felt like I was spending more time with people.  It took me almost two full weeks to read my March reading challenge book.  I’ve probably renewed every single book that I’ve had checked out from the library so far this year, some of them multiple times (who knew that they limit the number of renewals!)

I’d like to say that I’m way off my game compared to other years but 20 to 25 books is the range that I typically have for these cold and blustery months.

Oh well.  When it’s nice and sunny, I’ll be outside running or working in my yard instead of tucked into my favorite reading chair with a blanket and hot tea.  Then, I’ll be glad that I have eight extra books done already.


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