I want to believe

If you haven’t heard the news, FOX is bringing back the X-Files for a six episode run.


I’d been seeing the rumors swirling around the internet, and although I wanted to believe, wasn’t willing to believe too much until it was confirmed.

X-Files has always been one of my favorite shows. I got hooked late into the first season, with episode #20, “Darkness Falls,” aka, the little green bug episode. I didn’t like horror, exactly, but I remember hearing friends talk about the show. As any good 13-year-old would do, I turned it on to see what they were talking about. I also remember how I sat there, hooked by this show that wasn’t like anything else I’d watched. It was a great mix of thought and mystery and action. I got both of my parents hooked too.

In my childhood bedroom at my mom’s house, I still have a X-Files poster hanging on my closet door, such is my long-standing fandom for this show.

A few years ago, I re-watched X-Files seasons 1-7 (before the Doggett years). While their old computers and cell phones were amusingly anachronistic, the stories still worked. What made X-Files work was the solidity of its two main characters, Mulder the believer and Scully the skeptic.

Instead of being formulaic, Mulder and Scully challenged each other. There was the tension between them, but it wasn’t just romantic, but a thoughtful push-and-pull.

Also, I think X-Files can be one of the shows that had to happen to get us to our binge-watching TV culture we have now. I didn’t love the monster-of-the-week episodes as much as the alien ones, but I watched them to get to the UFO ones. That kind of stringing a plot along over episodes and seasons had to influence the development of shows like “24” that have influenced things like “House of Cards.”

I want to believe that this mini-series will undo the mess that was “X-Files: Fight the Future.”

The X-Files is coming back. I want to believe it’ll be great.


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