Top 10 Tuesday: Childhood Favorites

read-under-blanketIt’s a Broke and the Bookish Top 10 Tuesday!  This week’s topic:  Top 10 Books From My Childhood (Or teen years) That I Would Love To Revisit.

Bethany and I had this as a Reading Challenge.  Reading the book was a snap.  Picking out the book was much harder.  Here’s a list of titles that I was considering:

  1. Tuck Everlasting:  This is what I actually read for the Reading Challenge and adored it.  Both times.
  2. Charlotte’s Web:  I love the story of Wilbur and Charlotte, and how life is the same, yet different.
  3. Stuart Little:  This story delights me in that a family would love a mouse.  I think I was a very skeptical reader through most of the book because it seemed so outlandish.  Once I “got” the story, I fell in love.
  4. Bridge to Terabithia:  I swear, I’ve read this book at least two times in my life and cannot remember the details.  I chalk up my selective memory to the fact that reading this book is a sorrowful delight, each and every time.
  5. The Giver:  Okay, I’m cheating on this one because I was at least 20 when I first heard about it, but a mere (mumble mumble) years later, I feel like I was a child then.  So, it counts.
  6. The Secret Garden:  This was taught me that the power to change is within and that you can do whatever you set your mind too.  I don’t mean that in the triumphant way, but the sad way of your brain can trap you in a situation too.
  7. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe:  This was another one that I didn’t understand until someone explained to me what a Christian allegory was.  Then I loved this series and devoured the titles.
  8. Little House on the Prairie:  I wore out at least one copy of this series because I read it more than a dozen times when I was in third grade.
  9. Any R.L Stine book:  I read a ton of these when I was a kid.  I can’t remember a single title, but I guarantee that if there was a new one in the local book store, I bought it.  It would have been fun to revisit as an adult.
  10. The Outsiders:  This was another one that I read so many times that the librarian got tired of checking it out for me.  I probably had my own copy that I wore out too.

What do you want to re-read?  What book did you love then, but would hate now?  (Me?  The Sweet Valley High or Sweet Valley Twins books.  Man, what was I thinking??)

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