2015 Tournament of Books

roosterThe Rooster has returned for 2015!

Forget basketball. The one bracket I’m glued to in March is The Morning News’ Tournament of Books.

I’ll let you in on my secret: This is my annual literary fiction cheat sheet.

Literary fiction is good stuff just like mystery books are good stuff, though for totally different reason. Literary fiction is just not my genre of choice and the ToB helps me catch up.

Last year, I loved reading why the judges advanced Philip Meyer’s “The Son,” Kate Atkinson’s “Life After Life,” and James McBride’s “The Good Lord Bird.” When I’ve thought about reading them, I feel satiated from the ToB write-ups.

With Monday’s launch of the 2015 ToB, I get a good helping of why David Mitchell’s “The Bone Clocks” is so good. Should I try to carve the time to read it for myself. Sure. But will I? Unlikely, because ToB gives me enough to hold my own at a cocktail party and talk about it with a level of false authority. Really, Bone Clocks is OK until that chapter 5 and then, I was out.

I’ve said it before about ToB. It lets me be a literary poseur.

Every year, I have a good intention to read the winning book, at least. I’ve yet to pick one up. Maybe 2015 will be the year. Or maybe I’ll have another host of great books to talk about without having cracked the cover open on any of them.


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