Book Banter: The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook

mysterycoverstackTitle: The Mystery Writers of America Cookbook

Genre: Cookbook

Where Bethany’s Copy Came From: Review copy provided by QuirkBooks

Plot Basics: Mystery writers provide their best recipes across common categories (breakfast, appetizers, entrees, desserts, etc.) along with color commentary about why they selected theses dishes and often hilarious instructions.

Banter Points: I picked the mailing envelope off my porch and eagerly brought it inside. The book was freezing (hello, Indiana winter), but I didn’t care. I stood around in my kitchen flipping pages for the recipes of authors I love to read or ones I’ve had the privilege to meet or ones I keep meaning to read. Ben H. Winters. Hank Philippi Ryan. Lee Child (oh how I wish my office mates would follow his recipe for coffee…) I flipped pages until my fingers were numb with cold and my brain was overloaded on new recipes to try and ones I was ruling out because I’d never heard of an ingredient.

This is a great cookbook to gift to anyone who likes cooking or mysteries and especially both. Some of the recipes’ instructions are the best part (such as Ben Winters advice when whisking eggs to “really put your back in it.”)

Bummer Points: The truth is, I have a lot of things I try to avoid eating (sugar, spicy things and overly acidic foods topping the list) so a lot of recipes I felt like I had to rule out be default. Then, I scratched my head at some (what is teff flour and does my Kro-ghetto store even sell that?) or eliminated others for lack of the appropriate tools (do they even make Bundt pans anymore?) Whether I ever cook anything from this book is still debatable.

Word Nerd Recommendation: Whether you cook or not, it’s a fun book for the voice many of the authors give to their recipes.


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