Friday Fun

We’ve all been lamenting the lack of spring, warm weather, and flip flops (you are on Facebook, right?)  But we can have fun in the winter too, yes, even in the far northern part of the country like Wisconsin.

One way I keep it lively in the winter is having fun with my co-workers.  They’ve been known to come into work and find a sticker or two on their monitor.  Who doesn’t like stickers?  Remember how it felt to get them as a kid?  It’s a super cheap and easy way to give someone an instant smile.  True story – the grumpiest guy on my team cracks a smile when I give him stickers.Gold-Star

If they are virtual teammates, send them an image like this one:  Who doesn’t like receiving recognition for a job well done?  Gold stars are a great way to do that.  Just like a sticker, you’d be surprised how fast you get a smile from someone on the receiving end of this email.

Random Facts Lists:  I love this one.  In fact, I should start it now with my current team members.  I wonder how long we can keep it going on.  Here’s how it works: Take a long sheet of paper, like easel paper.  Add markers or pens.  Post it in a public spot.  Add “Random Facts” at the top and list out a few.  Before you know it, more will join and everyone will have a little office fun on a Friday.  Here’s a few facts to get you started:

  1. The dot on top of the letter “I” is called a tittle.
  2. You can’t fold a piece of paper in half more than seven times.
  3. “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” was originally designed to test telegraph transmissions, and uses all the letters in the English language.
  4. It is said that a goldfish has a memory span of only three seconds.

Team lunch.  Go on.  It’s Friday.  Order in, meet out, brown bag it in a conference room.  Whatever your flavor, take some extra time and spend it with the team.  It makes the long winter a bit better when you are laughing about it together.

How do you break up the winter in your office?


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