Read Across America

Yesterday was Read Across America Day also fondly known as Dr. Seuss Day.  This day always sneaks up on me since I don’t have little ones at home anymore and it’s typically celebrated by libraries and kindergarten classrooms.

But, can you imagine what it would be like if your workplace sponsor a Read Across America day?  My vision goes something like this:

  • Competitions for team points and prizes:  Annual reading contest – team that read the most books in the last 12 months  (I’m positive that my team will win this one!)
  • Take a reading break:  In addition your typical breaks, employees are encouraged to take a 30 minute (paid) reading break.  Cozy chairs and snacks provided.
  • Free books:  Each employee is given a free book.  To ensure that the books are used, there would be a list of 10 to 20 books to choose from
  • Share a book:  Leaders across the organization will make book selection recommendations and share their favorites.  This doesn’t have to be “good for your brain” books but books that really meant something to the reader.  Personally, I’d pick a mix of fiction and non-fiction to showcase the type of reader that I am

Of course, my fictional company also has a massive reading library that is regularly used by all employees.  It’s stocked with loads of fiction and non-fiction alike with special sections for recommendations.

If you are organizing a Read Across America celebration — or pretending to — what would you include?


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