Book Banter: The Bullet

bulletTitle: The Bullet

Author: Mary Louise Kelly

Length: 398 pages

Genre: Thriller

Where Bethany’s Copy Came From: ARC from NetGalley

Plot Basics: Caroline Cashion is happy teaching French literature at Georgetown. But when she starts having pain in her wrist, she makes a shocking discovery. There is a bullet lodged in her neck from 30 years ago that she knew nothing about it. Caroline’s discoveries continue — that the life she felt so secure in with her family is not the whole story of her. The bullet is only the catalyst for shocking truths about her past and herself.

Banter Points: Mary Louise Kelly was one of the Word Nerds 2014 Best of winners for her debut novel “Anonymous Sources” and it’s entirely likely that she’ll be back in the list for 2015 with her sophomore effort.

“The Bullet” is a compelling novel as Caroline discovers the truth about her past and herself. Kelly leads the read through several twists, deftly handled and not out of character with the plot. She’s got all the elements of a cracker-jack novel: fast-paced plot, romance, intriguing characters.

Likely from her time as a reporter, Kelly has an ear for dialogue. A lot of action and information is conveyed this way, but people sound like people.

Bummer Points: I’m pretty sure Kelly must have eavesdropped on a conversation I had with the now-boyfriend for a scene between Caroline and love-interest Dr. Will Zartman. That bit about carrier pigeons? Totally said that first.

Word Nerd Recommendation: This is a great read for people who think they don’t like mystery/thriller stories. It’s not overly violent or filled with gruesome crime scenes.


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