Introverts get their own Emojis

According to Fast Company, Introverts will soon have their own set of emojis, aka Introji:

The result is “Introji,” a visual language to let your loved ones know “that you need more time and space.” The more than 30 Introjis in her series include activities like reading, gaming, leaving stressful social situations and staying home. (Because extroverts may not realize that “staying home” is an activity in its own right.)

Personally, I’m excited about the free app that designer Rebecca Evie Lynch is anticipating will launch the introjis on the world.  I have a variety of extroverted friends that I love to hang around but find completely draining when I do so.  This way, I will be able to push a status to them that will make sense, a short cut of sorts that conveys what I’m feeling as well as why I’m declining a perfecting reasonable invite.

I’m keeping an eye out for this app.  Until then, Lynch’s Facebook page is an area to keep an eye on.


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