Perhaps the Best Potter Movie Yet

snapeI only watched the first couple of Harry Potter movies, after deciding to stand by my long tradition of not watching movies when I had already read the book.

But this compilation at Dorkly was by far the best and makes me reconsider my stand on the later movies.

Severus Snape is a complicated chatacter, leading a double life for many years, risking more than many others in the Fight against Voldemort. His story is really one of heart ache and love, not fear and hatred. Since it is told from Harry’s point of view, we too feel as Harry does and learn to hate Snape. By the end, we see Snape for what he truly was and this video really brought it home.  It’s a bit long, less than 15 minutes, and worth it.

Thanks to @longshotauthor for tweeting this one.


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