2015 Reading Challenge: January report card


karamazovI finished “The Brothers Karamazov” on Tuesday, 1/27, with four whole days to spare to meet the January challenge. I can say confidently that I am glad I read it and might even, someday, pick it up again. Given the usual string of mystery novels I read, I didn’t expect the ending as it was but I didn’t dislike how it wrapped up. All three Brothers are fascinating characters. I went back and forth between liking Ivan and Alyosha the most. Dmitry was just a bit too much for me while if this were in real life, I could see that I might be friends with either Ivan or Alyosha. The reality is, every time I get through one of these big Russian novels, it does inspire me that I should read more of them.


denisovichShe finished “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.” I was the one who recommended it as a Russian masterpiece but one that was a manageable length (unlike, say “Karamazov,” which is the equivalent page count of 2-4 novels). While I really liked Denisovich, Stacie didn’t. And that’s OK. We both made the goal.



If you read a Russian master, let us know in the comments what you picked and what you thought.

Next up for February: Read a favorite childhood book with chapters.


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