2014 Reading Stats

My total for 2014 is either 101, according to my written list, or 104 according to GoodReads. Invariably, something got missed or double-counted, but it’s OK.

The year included 14 audio books and only one graphic novel. Given that my 2013 list included a lot of graphic novels, I guess I actually read more novels this year. Total page count bears this out with 28,515 for 2014 and only 27K some words in 2013, despite the greater number of books.

Given the holidays in November and December and busy times at work, my normal reading times got used up with other things. November was only 7 books and December a mere 6.

Since starting the books list in March 2002, my grand total for books read at the end of December 2014 is 1,111. There is something about that number ending a year that pleases me immensely.

A friend has encouraged me to start tracking hours spent on audio books and the data geek in me might just do that.

The goal for 2015 is 90 books. That feels big for this year, but we’ll see!


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