Book Banter: The Catalain Book of Secrets

Title: The Catalain Book of Secretscatalain
Author: Jess Lourey
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Length: 269 pages
Where Stacie’s Copy Came From:  ARC provided from Jess Lourey and Toadhouse Books
Plot Basics: A family is hiding secrets from each other, but the return of one brings them together and shows how they are more powerful together, than separate.

Banter Points: Secrets are something that can either destroy or build stronger. In this story, it does both. Catalain women have always had strong skills that some consider magical and others consider good fortune. Either way, they try their best to protect and love each other, as each woman sees fit. These individual actions add up to a family of secrets that are being kept from each other and from the town. When Katrine is called home, her twin Jasmine is forced to face a terrible truth. Each acts as though they are protecting the other, choosing what they feel is best.

Like the best stories, it isn’t until they work together and figure out how the pieces intertwine, that they can banish the evil that is threatening them and their families. It takes all of them — Katrine and Jasmine; their mother and her sisters; Jasmine’s daughter. The evil that they fight started decades ago and it is their compound strength that keeps them going.

Bummer Points:  The story is told from multiple points of view, giving each woman a voice in the story and a chance to show events as they viewed them. That being said, I felt like I would just get comfortable with that point of view, only to have the next segment told by someone else. It felt a little off-kilter, which might have been Lourey’s preferred reaction in a reader.

Stacie’s Recommendation: Worthwhile to read. I am hoping that they show up again in another story. I feel like there is more to tell.


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