The Word Nerds 2015 Reading Challenge

The Word Nerds like a challenge. We always set a reading challenge on GoodReads for the number of books we’ll tackle in a year.

But this year, we decided to up the stakes by offering a once-a-month reading challenge to push as readers. It’s great to read for entertainment and we’re pros at that, but it’s not always easy for us to pick up the books that will challenge us as readers. So, we’ve devised a 2015 Reading Challenge to at least get in 12 titles that should stretch us.

We hope you’ll join with us and read along.

January: A Russian master

February: Reread your favorite childhood book that had chapters

March: A 2014 Prize Winner (Pulitzer, ManBooker, Edgar, Anthony, Shamus, Hugo, Indiana Authors Award, Minnesota Book Award, Word Nerds Best Of, etc.)

April: A book you were given or bought for yourself but have never gotten around to reading

May: A Shakespeare play

June: A book adapted to be a movie or TV show

July: A best-selling book published in the year you were born

August: A book not written originally in English

September: A book by a person from a different faith than you

October: A spookier book than you would normally pick up. If you love horror, read a romance instead.

November: A work of non-fiction

December: The debut work of an author published in 2015

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