Best of 2014 — Best First Book in a Series

For the first time in the Word Nerds history, we have a double, two-way tie for Best First Book in a Series.

We’ve been contemplating our picks, waffling between two choices each, and then finally realized we were mulling over the SAME TWO first books, so since there are two Word Nerds and two books, we’re declaring them both winners from both of us. (Isn’t all this togetherness nice?)

So, the joint 2014 Best First Books in a Series are:

      gotham                                                  deadharvest

The Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye               Dead Harvest by Chris F. Holm

The great thing about these titles is each of us read one first and convinced the other to pick it up. Bethany stumbled on Gods of Gotham and started pushing it on others, Stacie included, right away. We both heard Chris at Murder and Mayhem 2013, but Stacie got to this book in her TBR pile first and encouraged Bethany to pick it up.

Both of us have gone on in both series and are eagerly anticipating other works from these authors.


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