Book Banter: The Big Reap

big reapTitle: The Big Reap

Author: Chris F. Holm

Genre: urban fantasy

Length: 378 pages

Plot Basics: Collector Sam Thornton is tasked with his biggest assignment yet — collect the souls of the Nine Brethen, former Collectors like him who have been terrorizing the world for centuries. But going up against that kind of long-lived evil is going to take all of Sam’s cunning and make him face his biggest question yet on if he’s on the right side of Heaven and Hell.

Banter Points: Chris F. Holm’s Collector trilogy are three of the most fun books I’ve read all year (a preview to next week’s awards? You’ll have to come back to find out). The Big Reap is by far the best of the three. When I started the first one, “Dead Harvest” I didn’t realize the three books would hinge so much on each other and this one was great because Holm was diligent in carrying through his world. Everything Sam has been involved in (and the people he’s been sent to Collect recently) all plays into this final one. I was worried at the start that this one was going to be only a string of connected battle scenes, but it gets more complicated than that rather quickly.

Bummer Points: There are only three books in the Collector series and I, for one, would happily read more. Also, I was bummed with who the true villain ended up being, but maybe in a way, that’s good thing because I liked that character and a sympathetic villain is not an easy thing to pull off.

Word Nerd Recommendation: Anyone who likes great underdog heros, smart mysteries and urban fantasy should pick these up. There may only be three of them, but that’s three reads well spent.


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