Some New Slang, just in time for the Holidays

New word lists and best of word lists are going to start popping up everywhere.  To beat the rush, I’m download (1)in favor of this list: The 11 Best New Words Added to Oxford Dictionaries

Honestly, any list that starts with a word that is perfect for how I eat lunch is a list I need to pay attention to:

AL DESKO:  A play on al fresco, which means “dining outside,” this word is perfect for the way we live now, wolfing down food at our desks while messing around on the computer.

I do this at home, at work, at breakfast, pretty much anywhere.  And good grief if you try to get my attention and I’m eyeballs deep in something.  I recommend you wait until I come up for some air.  In a few hours.

Most of the words on the list are slang from other countries.  Some sound like my kids might already be saying it:

MAHOOSIVE:  Even bigger than massive. And it sounds that way doesn’t it? The new ginormous.

According to Global Language Monitor, Top Word for 2014 according to the 15th Annual survey of the English language is the ideograph for Heart (and Love), aka <3.  That, by the way, is the first time I have ever in my life typed that phrase.

The most ridiculous word of 2014 goes to “Active Nutrition” explained at The Take Away by John Hockenberry as “…“sports nutrition” for people who don’t exercise. This seems to involve selling sport-themed snack bars, chews, gels, and “ready to drink” beverages to the folks who order Diet Coke (0 calories) with their Big Mac and fries (760 calories). In other words: Genius.”  It definitely is a marketable product for my kids.

I invite you to put a stake in the ground and leave your best, worst, or most ridiculous word in the comments.  We will adopt it and see if we can make it on the a “best of” list for 2015!




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