Coming to a shelf near you

empty book shelfI’m always keeping an eye out for what’s coming out from authors I love.

Here’s what I’ll be watching for in early 2015 (or hoping for…)

1. Lyndsay Faye says her next Timothy Wilde novel releases in May.

2. Jim Butcher has apparently finished his first steam punk novel, “The Aeronaut’s Windlass.” No release date yet, but he’s a book-a-year guy normally, so this gives me high hopes for a 2015 release. And then he can get back to Dresden.

3. Sean Chercover has a sequel to his “Trinity Game” novel coming in summer 2015. (It releases on my birthday… cough, hint, cough).

4. Likewise, if the past two years are any indication, Marcus Sakey will have the third book of Brilliance trilogy out, which means I can go back to the beginning and read them all in order, without a year in between each.

5. Seth Grahame-Smith is doing a sequel to “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” called “The Last American Vampire.” I loved ALVH, and can’t wait to see what he does in this next one. For those of you who watched the movie, it’s the typical Hollywood botch-up of an otherwise great book. Do yourself a favor and read it.

6. Former NPR correspondent Mary Louise Kelly burst on to the thriller scene with her “Anonymous Sources” and seems to have a second novel coming in spring 2015.

What books are you looking forward to from your favorite authors in 2015?


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