Christmas Cards from INTJs

holiday lettersAbout this time last year, Bethany posted about a brave soul who found our blog by Googling “What do INTJs write in a Christmas card?”  It was fair and correct to point out that this is an odd question, just like “How do INTJs put on their pants” is odd.  We do it just like everyone else.

And then I realized that we probably don’t.  I’ve started to receive Christmas cards from people with warm wishes for my holiday season that extend to my immediate family, my dogs, my extended family and anyone else I may consider to spread their wishes too (Note:  That’s how I’m interpreting their words “Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!!)

There are people who write real letters (letters!!) to share with us what their lives were like over the past twelve months.  I’m jealous of those people.  I mean, I tried to write a letter like that but I kept wondering what my family did that was significant enough to justify sharing it with other people.  And really, it’s just the same as any other family, right?  It sounded something like this:

“This year the Penney Family went through some big changes!!  JP the Youngest Penney went to school every day!  And Mom and Dad Penney went to work.  The other Penney — DZ — did some cool things too like school.  The end.”

Okay, that was more awkward and painful that what a real attempt would be like (but just barely).  But I’m willing to bet that whoever found us via the search “What do INTJs write in a Christmas card?” felt as awkward and uncool as I did trying to write a letter that expressed the love and appreciation I have for my family and, perhaps most importantly, the normalcy of our lives.

It’s hard to be an INTJ at the holidays.  This time of year is filled with friends, family and lots of social things that make us cringe slightly or shake our heads.  But remember, there are other INTJs out there, just like you.  And we are cringing, shaking our heads, and appreciating the families that love us anyway.

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