Holiday Traditions

The Christmas season is completely upon us, as if Halloween and Thanksgiving occur only as speed bumps.  The last vestiges of fall are gone and the winter wonderland is slowly settling in.

Along with the transition, holiday traditions have started:holiday-traditions

  • The tree is decorated.
  • The lights are hung as are the stockings.
  • Gifts have started to appear under the tree.
  • Tormenting my kids about their gifts — or the lack thereof — has begun.

But there are a few things that this INTJ simply doesn’t understand why people do them.  For example, neighbor gifts.  I like my neighbors just fine.  We say hi politely from our driveways.  We occasionally loan out the odd random yard implement.

We do not exchange gifts that make this lady’s list:  Over 36 Neighbor Gift Ideas.  Maybe it’s just me, but if I feel the need to give my neighbors a gift, I’m going to give them a plate of homemade cookies.  Especially if I’ve had a weekend were I feel like baking all weekend and don’t want the treats in the house.  This is a rare occurrence.

I’m all for spreading cheer at Christmas but I would be mortified to receive a gift from my neighbors.  Are they really expecting anything from me?  This is the first year that I’m actually excited about gift giving at work — and I know those people!

Okay, neighbors.  If you are so compelled, a plate of cookies is just fine.  I’ll return the favor, I promise.  Or I’ll send my husband over to plow the snow.  Your choice.

Now I’m off to the other holiday tradition that I do love and adore: watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

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