Top Ten Reasons to Avoid Black Friday Outings


  1. Yesterday, I counted my blessings: Friends, Family and Books; health, home and puppies.
  2. My TBR is already out of control.
  3. I’m an INTJ.  Crowds of people acting without a plan are my kryptonite.
  4. Situations with people acting crazy over sales that are marginally sales? No thanks.
  5. All night shopping excursions aren’t on my bucket list.
  6. There isn’t enough coffee at Starbucks to keep me awake and coherent for an all night trip.
  7. The people watching at a Packer Game is better.
  8. I tried it once and I thought I might die.
  9. I can bake cookies instead.
  10. I’d rather shop on Cyber Monday.

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