No more apologies

On the way out of work recently, a coworker asked me if I read romances.  Like, Harlequin romances.  I proudly stated, “Not anymore” rather than hiding in shame for anything that I may or may not read.  I used to read romances and bodice rippers alike back in high school and college.  In the last several years, I’ve switched to mysteries and thrillers, or urban fantasies which really are mysteries and thrillers in alternative settings.

And then I professed my love for Harry Dresden.

Yep, I massively geeked out on my reading habits to coworkers.  I even confessed my obsession for Nora Roberts books.

Where did this courage come from?  Primarily this post:  Stop Apologizing for What You Like to Read.

You should not apologize for what you like to read. The person you are apologizing to can only fit into one of three categories:

1. He or she shares your joy.
2. He or she doesn’t give a good goddamn.
3. He or she thinks less of you for what you read in which case don’t apologize to that person

I used to hedge my habits, stating I read a lot or that I read this great book that was completely intellectual sounding or work appropriate.  I read for entertainment, not for intellectual reason (mostly.  Occasionally I read something that is good for my brain, but mostly that’s the minority of my reading habits.)

I invite you to also stop apologizing.  Reading any sort of books engages your brain and makes synapses fire.  According to Psychology Today, read reshapes your brain:

The researchers found that becoming engrossed in a novel enhances connectivity in the brain and improves brain function. Interestingly, reading fiction was found to improve the reader’s ability to put themselves in another person’s shoes and flex the imagination in a way that is similar to the visualization of a muscle memory in sports.

Good enough for me!

I like to read.  A lot!




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