Book Banter: Personal by Lee Child

PersonalTitle: Personal
Author: Lee Child
Genre: Thriller
Length: 353 pages
Where Stacie’s Copy Came From:  Oshkosh Public Library
Plot Basics: Reacher is called back to the Army to assist solving a case and to prove that a man he arrested 16 years ago isn’t now trying to assassinate the French President. Like most Reacher books, some things go right, some thing go wrong, and some thing make Reacher count before he starts to hit people.

Banter Points: Reacher in first person is the best way to read the books. I love hearing his thoughts and justifications for everything and anything that comes up. I love the dry sense of humor (predictable), and how he pokes fun at himself for the things that readers love about him.

It’s pretty amazing to me that there are 19 books in this series and I still laugh and cheer as I read them, especially as the one constant in the books is Reacher. The bad guys change, the scenery changes, the girls change, but Reacher is always the same (predictable even.)

The beginning of the book had me wondering about questions that weren’t asked. Reacher seemed to miss some pretty big and obvious solutions early on. (NOTE: It is important to realize that I am not the sort of reader that has the bad guy identified until the very end of the book when the protagonist spells out exactly how they solved the case. Ergo, if I was asking the question, it was big and obvious.) Or it could be that by not asking the question and leaving the gaping hole in the story, it was how Reacher was calling his shot early on in the book.

After all, the title was slightly indicative of how the book would end. Any more details and I’m tipping into spoilers.

Bummer Points: Not much was a bummer about this book. It’s Reacher and I’m entertained by it.

Is it fair to say that the biggest bummer is that I have to wait for the next book?

Stacie’s Recommendation: Read it. If you’ve never read a Reacher book, they are stand alone and you could jump in with this one.


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