Gone Girl

I went to see Gone Girl over the weekend. gone girl

First, it it a heck of movie. David Fincher did a masterful job and I am equally impressed with Gillian Flynn’s screenplay adaptation of her novel.

Second, I am still creeped out and if you’d ask my boyfriend, he is probably doubly so. (I think that’s just the story, that it might be more disturbing for guys than girls. Also, he hadn’t read the book, so didn’t know what was coming and if nothing else, the plot is gripping.)

If you don’t know the basics of it, Gone Girl is about suburban-dwelling, money-strapped Nick Dunne and his wife Amy Elliott. On the morning of their 5th wedding anniversary, she disappears and the cops, understandably, start to look at Nick who maintains his innocence.

That’s the plot, sure, but Gone Girl is really asking the fundamental question of “how well do you know the person you are with?”

We caught the last matinee showing on Saturday and the theatre was primarily filled with couples. We walked in just ahead of a couple probably in their 50s and I really wish I could have asked them afterwards what they thought. Does one’s perception of this question change after that much time? Or is it more haunting because you realize that even after 20 years or more there are parts of a person you will never know?

While the big picture is great, I could have done without a bit of the film’s graphic-ness. Admittedly, I don’t go see R-rated movies very often and then am startled by the language, violence and sex on screen (I would very much say Gone Girl deserves the R rating).

Still, it’s worth the watch. But decide carefully if you want this to be a date-night film because the questions it asks are ones you  won’t be able to leave behind any time soon.

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