Book Banter: Letters from Skye

Letters from SkyeTitle: Letters from Skye
Author: Jessica Brockmole
Genre: Historical Fiction
Length: 290 pages
Where Stacie’s Copy Came From:  Oshkosh Public Library
Plot Basics: An American pens a letter to a Scottish Poet and begins a tale in 1912 that will conclude in 1940.

Banter Points: This book griped me as soon as I read the first chapter. It had everything I adore: Strong, unusual characters determined to do what is right for them regardless of the conventions that are imposed upon them by time and place.

Fortunately for me, the recommendation to read this book came at a time when I was looking for something thoughtful to read slowly as bedtime reading. Something that would be chapter or two at night and safely put aside for sleeping once done. It was the right time for the right book.

The story is told in letters sent between David Graham and Elspeth Dunn during the first World War and Margaret to her mother, her finance and her uncle during the second World War. In today’s world, no story based on letters would work when emails are flying around the ether. It is part of the charm of the story and the characters that letters like these used to be the norm, rather than the exception. At first, it feel like a device to get the story going, but the feeling quickly dissipates as you realize that the letters are part of what allows the characters to live. It isn’t only the normal character development that you expect in a story, but also the fact that this time and place is essential to allow the story. David and Elspeth are separated by so much more than just an ocean.

Bummer Points: It would have been terribly easy to sit and read this in a couple of hours. At my typical reading speeds, it easily would have been a 90 minute read, if I had let myself. Instead, I forced myself to read slowly, to savor the story and draw out the 290 pages. In the end, I fell victim to the story and race through the last 60 or so pages.

Stacie’s Recommendation: Read it. This is a great one for fans of historical fiction.


3 thoughts on “Book Banter: Letters from Skye

  1. This one has been in my bedside pile for a while. I need to move it to the reading pile! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Bethany K. Warner says:

    Judith — you should! I recently read it as well because Jessica Brockmole was an Indiana Authors Award Emerging Author finalist.

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