Take Two Review: Dead Harvest

deadharvestChris F. Holm’s “Dead Harvest” sat in my Eight-Up list since November 2013 and it took cheating to get it read before Murder and Mayhem in Milwaukee this coming Saturday. (I asked Stacie to pick a number and she asked which number this one was… and picked it.)

Stacie read it back in June and said this about it.

While she liked the way Sam focused on actions, I liked reading his voice. I liked his perception and wry sound that crept in (when he wasn’t running, of course.) He had speech patterns that he used multiple times, but not so close together that it got annoying as a reader, but in a way that showed that no matter whose body Sam had, he was still Sam driving things.

The world-building was there, but never too much at a time. I even referred back to an early scene to see how Holm did things as I was struggling with an introductory scene in my own WIP.

Holm crafted a solid urban fantasy with a skillful mix of understated noir, believable fantasy, and a dash of Whedon-esque panache. There are two more in the series and I can’t wait.

And they say cheaters never win.

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