Bibliometer Q3 2014

Stacie reminded me on Tuesday that Q3 is complete and that it was time to check in with my reading stats too.

For Q3, I read 26 books, for a total of 7,885 pages. September managed to be a huge month with nine book and 2,680 pages (thanks to Robin Hobb’s massive 757 page “Assassin’s Quest”).

Year-to-date, I’m at 78 books, for a total of 22,466 pages.

I set my reading goal for the year at 90. Adding in October’s books already, Goodreads says I’m at 85 but I’m having a math issue here because I’ve only read 5 for October and these figures don’t track. Somewhere I probably forgot to write something down. (I have corrupt data!!)

Whether my total is really 83 or 85 at this point, I should still cross the 100 book mark in December. I crossed 100 books last year with a whopping 20-some graphic novels in the list. This year, I’ve read a whole a grant total of three graphic novels, so this year’s total page count should be substantively higher than in 2013.

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