Reading Stats: Q3 2014

The numbers are in for quarter three and it was a good quarter:

Total:  34 books for the quarter / 100 books for the year (that was worth 23 likes on Facebook, btw.)

Pages:  12,281 pages for the quarter / 39,327 for the year

My TBR list has been reduced as well!  I’m at 167 on my Kindle and 62 on Goodreads!  This is way better than where I was back in May.  My 11yo has really broadened as a reader this year and now he is bringing home books that he insists that I should read.  I’m seriously considering getting him a Kindle for Christmas simply so he can stop carrying around the 7-8 books that he regularly has in his backpack.  The only thing holding me back is that I’m pretty sure he will still have the books.

A tiny part of me thinks, you hit 100, you should stop and force yourself to do something else.  Fortunately, I can squish that part for this one:006

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