Be the change

imagesIt’s performance evaluation time at work and I find that I’m spending a fair amount of time writing reviews — a self evaluation, peer evaluations, direct report evaluations, etc.  Our system requires reviews from three people that you interact with regular so that a complete picture of the employee performance can be gathered.

I really enjoy writing performance reviews.

There, I said it.  I’m probably the only manager who openly admits this.  In my time as a manager, I’ve learned that most people want to do their job well and that they need feedback for it.  Performance reviews are sort of like a report card for all of the feedback that you’ve received throughout the year; it’s the formal process to document the changes within the system.

I’ve been at my company for about a year, with six months or so in a supervisory role.  The great part is that I have some talented co-workers and direct reports.  I am able to call out why I think they are great to work with and tell their boss just what I think.

The hard part is, I hate getting a performance review.  I never feel like I deserve the comments I get, especially the good ones.  That I have some how landed far below the intended target and people are too kind.  The bad ones usually are things I’ve heard since childhood (Stacie is a bit opinionated and doesn’t necessarily want to see other people’s points of view.)

I sweat getting a performance review.  Physically, I’m a wreck with all sorts of physical manifestations.

And then I get it, read it, then meet with the boss.  It’s over.

And I can start to think about the change I want to be.  I have a fresh slate and 365 days before the next review.  I get to plan and plot my way into a new year and a better performance.  As I look out at the possibilities at work, I can’t help but think about personal goals.  Writing, running, volunteer work — it’s a lot to coordinate.  But it provides me with the chance to be the change that I want to see in the world.  It’s a good way to start the next 365 days.


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