New Punctuation

Emoticons have pretty much taken over texting.  It’s the sort of thing helps convey intent and tone, right?  What if we used punctuation to do this instead?

Personally, I’m fully behind any system that includes punctuation for sarcasm:


The SarcMark (short for “sarcasm mark”) was invented, copyrighted and trademarked by Paul Sak, and while it hasn’t seen widespread use, Sak markets it as “The official, easy-to-use punctuation mark to emphasize a sarcastic phrase, sentence or message.” Because half the fun of sarcasm is pointing it out [SarcMark].

There’s a full list over at Mental Floss.  Check it out.


3 thoughts on “New Punctuation

  1. Bethany K. Warner says:

    In the book “S.”, one of the characters writes this [..] and annotates it as “this is the sound of me rolling my eyes. I keep trying to put [..] into general usage.

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