Time for Reading

The average person could read Game of Thrones in 484 days.
Click the image to find out if you could read it faster. (via BlinkBox Books).

I took this quiz and I told them I read 60 minutes a day. That’s maybe pushing it, but at that rate, it would take me only 35 days to read the entire Game of Thrones series. It would also only take me 11 days to read War and Peace, which suddenly makes that classic seem far less daunting.

Their chart says reading “The Silkworm” will take three days and “The Fault in Our Stars” will take one day, which is exactly how those books worked for me.

I think the chart is interesting, but I’m not sure about it’s accuracy because it doesn’t account for interest. I can get through a really long book quickly when I’m hooked. Sometimes, a short book can drag on for days (or what feels like days) because I’m just not into it. I probably read the short-ish Lord of the Flies over two or three days and I felt every minute of that reading time.

At 60 minutes a day (which I must not really do), the chart told me I’d read close to 200 books in a year. Not really. I’m on track for 100+ again this year, but I’m not sure how I’d nearly double that. The test is of reading comprehension speed over three or four paragraphs. That’s easy. Give a person a novel with a complicated plot and I’m not sure the speed stays the same.

Nevertheless, when breaking big books down into days, they do seem less daunting. Maybe getting another Russian masterpiece done isn’t so hard afterall.


One thought on “Time for Reading

  1. Here’s my results:

    79 days to read GoT
    Reading speed of 325 words per minute
    84 books per year at 70 minutes a day

    So I either read a lot more than 70 minutes a day or I read way faster than their estimate. Since I binge read, it’s hard to say how much a read a day. During the week it might be nothing, but then I’ll read for most of Saturday and Sunday.

    Alternatively, we could be so far off the scale that they don’t have metrics to peg us well.

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