Author Answers with HP Mallory

Today, the Word Nerds are pleased to have HP Mallory for Author Answers.  HP has several series out, including The Jolie Wilkins Series (personally, I found it to be a fun and delightful romp in the Urban Fantasy realm.)  She has some great thoughts on a writing career; check out the answers below:

WN:  Tell us more about The Bryn and Sinjin Series books. What can readers expect?Sinjin

HM:  This series basically picks up right where the last Jolie book, Something Witchy This Way Comes, left off. As the title suggests, the two main characters are Bryn (Jolie’s sister who also happens to be her enemy) and Sinjin. Without giving away too much, Sinjin is up to his same antics and you’re never really sure where his loyalties lie. The first book is really more about Bryn’s relationship with Jolie and with Sinjin…

WN:  What is your favorite writing advice?

HM:  Never give up. When I started, I had many doors shut in my face but rather than giving up, I just happened to find another way forward, through self publishing. I’m really a great example of following your dreams, whatever they may be and forging the path to your own destiny. Now is the best time to become an author because you really can make your own way…

WN:  When you aren’t writing, where are you most likely to be found?

HM:  With my son and my enormous dog! She’s a swissy saint–half st. bernard and half swiss moutain dog.

WN:  The Nerds are very fond of series. What’s it like from your side, to be the creator of the world and creators? Especially as you have several series going!

HM:  I love writing series because as an author, I get very attached to my characters and the idea of only writing one book about them is a bummer. Series are so great because you can really expand upon the story and you have hte ability to venture into different subplots. And writing paranormal series is even greater for me because my only limitation is my imagination.

WN:  Your writing career began as a independent publisher. What was it like to switch to traditional publishing?

HM:  Traditional publishing is easier in that I don’t have to worry about marketing myself, editing, the book cover, etc. On the flipside though, I also enjoy having this creative control which is why I will always keep a foot in the indie camp as well as the traditional camp. I think it’s best to be both.

Thanks, HP!



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