A New Batman: Gotham

Occasionally, the husband surprises me (Stacie). Tonight’s surprise was watching the pilot of Gotham, a version of Batman.Gotham

In the pilot episode, it begins as Batman should – with the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents. In this version, however, the audience is focused on newly made detective, James Gordon.  Gordon promises the young Bruce Wayne that he will find the killer. In the first episode, we are introduced to characters that I can only assume will become the villains that are as much as part of the story as Batman is.

  • Harvey is Gordon’s partner. He is the corruption that lives in Gotham.
  • A homeless girl (Selina) that finds the cats and pops in and out of alleys
  • Ivy, that daughter of a con, learns to hate the police at a young age when the GCPD falls for a set-up that kills her father.
  • Oswald, the unfortunately nicknamed Penguin, works for Fish

The episode has some depth and great story line setups. Gordon’s girlfriend, Barbara, has a past that might not be as wholesome as she has led Gordon to believe.

The casting is superb as well. Jada Pickett Smith is cast as Fish. It’s such a deviation from the type of character she typically plays.  Ben McKenzie from the O.C. has been a favorite since, well, the O.C. was on.

By the end of the episode, Gordon’s integrity is compromised and he has promised the young Bruce Wayne that he will clean-up the corruption in the GCPD.  Bruce states he is glad that Gordon didn’t get his parents killer.

Batman is, by far, my favorite comic book / story line / movie.  Ever since Jack Nicholson uttered the words “Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?” I have been a fan.  Now, I have a new reason to tune in and watch.  This promises to be good.


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