Think Before You Write

For the past two months (longer honestly), I haven’t been writing fiction.

I have just finished a giant project for my church that has been very rewarding work, but it pulled me out of fiction. That was about time really, not interest. I have about an hour in the mornings before work for writing and many of those mornings needed to be spent on this other project to make it good and put the good time to it.

On Tuesday, it went to the printers and my mornings are for fiction writing again.

Right now, I’m scribbling notes and trying to get organized. While I was working on this other project, I kept having novel ideas, what if, kind of thoughts about characters and plots. I’m not sure any of these ideas are good ones, but exploring them is a way back into habit.

Stacie, the other half of Word Nerds, is a big help on some of this idea vetting. She got really excited about one potential idea, but I’m not quite at that level, which tells me it might be the wrong choice for me as the writer. Or that I need to think about it more.

Don’t worry that all this thinking is turning me into a plotter. That’s unlikely. The story exists. The basics aren’t changing now that I’ve pants-ed my way through a whole draft months ago. These thoughts are all to take it to the next level.

think pen


(This is the ad for the now-defunct DBA pen.)


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