Three for three

I like reading series, but I’m not always good about finishing them. I get two books in and then something else pops up and I leave that third book out there, unread and unfinished.

A while ago, I decided that when book 1 came up in the Eight-Up list, that meant I could read the whole series right then. I got through the Divergent books with this permission and fully intended to do that with a few other series and as usual, got distracted.

Now, I’m staring at three series where I have to finish book three. I’m abandoning other choices in Eight-Up to knock these three out and wrap these series up before the year gets away from me.

assassins-quest-robin-hobb-new-cover“Assassin’s Quest,” Robin Hobb. I have the old covers, but check out this new re-issue. You want to read about FitzChivalry now too, don’t you?


“Plunder of Souls,” D.B. Jackson. So, there might be another one of these coming in 2015, but for now, this is the last one and I will be caught up (finally) after naming the first one the Best First Book in a Series in 2012.

graduation day

“Graduation Day,” Joelle Charbonneau. I think reading YA series in one fell swoop is the way to go. I read the first when it came out, then decided to wait and tackle the rest at once. This isn’t so much as getting bogged down with other things, but making sure after having just read 1 and 2 that I don’t wait to get to number 3.

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