Friday Fun

Not only is this Friday, but it is also the start of a long weekend!  Motivation can be tough to come by today, so here’s a few websites that will keep you looking busy:

Piccasso Head: Create your own cubist view of coworkers!  For the daring, replace org chart pictures with your creations.

UnWrong – Fractal Explorations:  Fractals are based on math.  Math is important for budgets.  Ergo, fractals are related to the budget review you are prepping for the next quarter (It’s practically a new fiscal month, right?)

Endless Interestingness:  You’ve got a powerpoint you need to work on right?  This is perfect for finding the right image, completely randomly.

Secrets of Nicotine:  Okay, I can’t figure out how this one relates to work.  But it is fun.  Maybe stress relief?

The Onion:  How can you resist this site?  4 Copy Editors Killed In Ongoing AP Style, Chicago Manual Gang Violence

Best wishes in finding an interesting diversion.  Send us yours in the comments.


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