Book Banter: Worth Dying For

worth dyingTitle: Worth Dying For (Reacher #15)

Author: Lee Child

Genre: Thriller

Length: 384 pages

Plot Basics: Jack Reacher is on the move again and finds himself at a crossroads in Nebraska. A local family company has the town under its thumb, keeping quiet about smuggling operation they’ve got going on and extorting silence from the residents through pain and violence. Reacher make enemies fast and when he digs up an old case, he decides that the ruling family has to pay for the wrong they’ve done.

Banter Points: In 15 books, I’m trying to figure out if this is the first Reacher book where he doesn’t sleep with someone. It’s so out of character for him.

Bummer Points: Reacher and I have hit a rocky patch. I didn’t like #14 (61 Hours) very well either, and Worth Dying For was worse. I know Reacher has this sense of justice and putting things right, but really, this scenario felt really contrived. I was with a friend for a weekend trip and we had about ten minutes to spend reading in our hotel room. I told her, “let me get through these pages. Reacher will beat someone up.” I was right but in a way, I think, it’s a signal that in the last two, Child has let Reacher become too formulaic. Reacher has always been somewhat formulaic. I know he’s going to mete out violence on people in dramatic ways at the end of the book. This one was a string of people getting beaten up and shot without anything compelling to hold it together.

Word Nerd Recommendation: I’m going to keep reading, mostly because I want him to get to Virginia and meet Susan and see what happens when he’s back in civilization.


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