Dear Kurt Wallander

I like mysteries, but you are just a bit much.wallander

The problem, Kurt, is that you are so dark. Even with the presence of Tom Hiddleston playing the role of the junior detective, Magnus Martinsson, and the lush scenery of southern Sweden, I can’t handle you emotionally.

After one episode of Season 2, I’m not surprised that you’ve handed in your badge. Frankly, you should have done so in season 1 and maybe saved yourself a lot of grief.

As a trope, I like the angsty detective. I like to see the hard-as-nails exterior of a cop character crack and have to deal with what he’s feeling. I like the forced introspection from changes of life (like when Harry Bosch discovers he’s a dad). But Kurt, you should seek professional counseling after all that you’ve seen, like self-immolation and then having to shoot a guy at point-blank range.

I wonder if I should give you a try in the books instead of the show. You are an international book sensation and sometimes, it’s easier for me to read violent and dark things than watch them. Maybe you are the right combination of tortured and compelling on the page.

The only good thing is finding this song from Emily Barker and The Red Clay Halos that was adapted for the opening credits.

But other than that, I’m giving up on you for now, Kurt Wallander.




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