Danger: This will add to your TBR

I’m a fickle reader.  On the one hand, I constantly fear the growing data set that is my TBR pile (yes, it is virtual and physical).  On the other hand, I’m constantly seeking a new book to read.  Add to the mix that I’m the multi-reader sort (one in audio, one by my bedside, one in my ereader…well, you get the point.)

So when I find a site call the Literature Map, I’m dying to try it out (figuratively, please.)

The premise is simple — just type in the name of an author that you like and find similar authors.

“Jim Butcher” created this sample:




Of the authors listed, I’m familiar with more than a handful; Rob Thurman, Simon R. Green, Rachel Caine, Patricia Briggs, Jasper Fforde, Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong, Laurell K. Hamilton, Charlaine Harris, Tamora Pierce, Jacqueline Carey, Anne Mccaffrey, Piers Anthony, Rick Riordan, Terry Brooks, George R. R. Martin, in fact have all made an appearance as some point in my reading log.

And yet, the closest ones:  Tanya Huff and Brent Weeks have managed to escape my notice!  It’s a data point that I don’t have!  I must correct it!

Clicking on any name will rearrange the names and place that author in the center, filling the edges with more options.  I would have placed some of those authors close to Jim Butcher, which leads me to ask, who else could I be reading?

Obviously, this is a very dangerous new toy for me.

If I don’t make it into work on Monday, some one come search for me at the local book stores, okay?  And bring some coffee too.


One thought on “Danger: This will add to your TBR

  1. Bethany K. Warner says:

    Danger, Will Robinson…. This is TOO much fun to play with.

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