Book Banter: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line by Rob Thomas

The Thousand-Dollar Tan LineTitle: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line
Author: Rob Thomas, Jennifer Graham
Genre: Mystery
Length: 324 pages
Where Stacie’s Copy Came From:  Private Collection
Plot Basics: Veronica Mars can’t resist staying in Neptune, solving crimes, just like her dad, Keith Mars. When the Chamber of Commerce comes knocking, looking for assistance in solving a missing person case, Veronica knows it’s more than their concern about the girl that brings them to her door. It’s really about Neptune’s reputation as a spring break destination.

Banter Points: I was equal parts dread and excitement about this book when it landed on my reading list, very unexpectedly. I adore the Veronica Mars TV series, found the movie to be fab and was skeptical about it’s ability to translate into a book.

It was pretty good. Not stellar, but solid.

The book series picks up after the movie is over, and one case later. The case that is missing (or, at least, not one I’m familiar with) is one that puts Keith Mars out of commission and lands Veronica as the head of the Mars Agency. The story line is typical for Neptune. Girls partying wildly and guys taking advantage of them.  Veronica has to navigate through some red herrings and figure out what really happened.  Along the way, she risks her life.

Veronica employs the help of both Mac and Wallace. Weevil makes an appearance too. So does Logan.

In all, it’s just like another episode of Veronica Mars, albeit in text format. Unlike many books that are based on their television counterparts, The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line is a solidly written novel. I have hope that others in the series will pull in the witty nature and clever dialogue that made the television series so great.

Bummer Points: Yes, we all know that Veronica should do something other than live in Neptune. She has great opportunities that she is wasting. It’s probably important to state this for anyone going into the series, but I don’t know that anyone other than an established fan would pick-up this title.  There’s a lot of repetition for someone familiar with the dilemma between Keith and Veronica, and Veronica’s life choices.

Stacie’s Recommendation: It’s a fun cross over for fans.


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