Anybody have a six-year-old I can borrow? I need to catch up on kids movies.

From my friends who have progeny, I regularly hear about which animated movies I should watch.

But when I sit down with Netflix (or peruse the Library catalog for DVDs), animated titles are pretty low on my list. The last animated thing I watched was Disney’s 1973 Robin Hood while I was dosed up on prednisone for a nasty allergy/asthma/cold thing and the drugs were doing a number to my mood. I could tell if I picked a grown-up, serious movie, I’d bawl my eyes out, so I went light-hearted and got the giggles in the middle. Oooh-de-lally indeed.

Friends insist that many animated movies hold up to watching as an adult, but I am skeptical. I can’t imagine that they would be as funny if I watched them on my couch with my cat. I think the infectious laughter of kids is what makes them funny.

Here are the movies on the list I’ve been told I need to watch:

  • The LEGO movie
  • Despicable Me/Despicable Me 2
  • Cars
  • How to Train Your Dragon 2

I haven’t seen a Pixar movie since “Up” and I haven’t seen a Disney movie in the theatre, since “Lion King” or on video since “Hercules” (I think?)

I am way behind the times. So, I suppose, if you’re really in a jam for a weekend babysitter, bring your kid and some animated movies to my house. Or, I guess I need to look up the going rate for rent-a-kid.


One thought on “Animated

  1. Frozen is funny, too. 🙂

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