Alternative to cringing

What do you do when somebody tells you the last book they really enjoyed was a title that makes you cringe?

Part of me says, “Hey! They are reading! Yay!”

Part of me wants to stage an intervention right then and it’s all I can do to not a) make the oh honey face, b) drag them off to a bookstore and hope they’ve got a VISA card handy, c) tell them about all the better books —  ALL OF THEM — until their eyes glaze over.

In a recent encounter, I think I managed to not do any of the things in part II. But I’ve been stewing over what I would recommend instead, just in case. Here’s my list. The offending title will not be named to protect the innocent.

The Trinity Game, Sean Chercover

The Bourne Identity, Robert Ludlum

The Cleaner, Brett Battles

The Hunt for Red October, Tom Clancy

Timeline, Michael Crichton

Chimera and Basilisk, Rob Thurman

What books make you want to create a list of alternatives? And bonus points if you can guess the offending book.


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